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"Pulan" is a Chamoru word that translates to "moon" in English. In 2020, we started this company being inspired by the moon and all her magic and wonder. Pulan Magic was the beginning of our spiritual awakening. Through the alchemy of candle making and other spiritual tools, we were able to look deeper into our selves and our purpose. We truly feel the calling to help raise the vibration of humanity through our handmade co-creations. Moreover, we believe that using local and natural ingredients like beeswax, herbs, and flowers, helps to bring a higher frequency to our products. And as always, we create our products with the intention of bringing good to all beings in all places. After all, we are from One Source. 

So much light and love, 

Pulan Magic Co-Creators

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Welcome to PULAN MAGIC (4 × 2 in) (2).png


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