If you aren't already, bathing in a salt bath could be the upgrade in your daily ritual to promote relaxation and well-being. The benefits of bath salts are plentiful including moisturizing the skin, decreasing stress, promoting optimal level of biological and cellular function, soothes pain, & helps insomnia.


- Packaged in a reusable mason jar with wooden lid (14 oz net weight) OR in a resealable mylar bag  (3 oz net weight)
- All natural ingredients including Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Dried Lemongrass & Dried hibiscus, Lavender Essential Oil & Palmarosa Essential Oil 
- Vegan Friendly 
- Made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness 


Add a desired amount of bath salts in a tea bag or directly into running water. We recommend 2-4 tablespoons. Breath in the relaxing aroma and enjoy. Keep water out of container to prevent mold from growing.

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Calming Bath Soak