Many cultures use the burning of smoked herbs and flowers to cleanse and purify a space. You may use this wand to cleanse your home, work space, or creative space. 


Hemp allows for your manifestations to arise at a faster pace with more ease and little effort. Hemp helps to ensure your positive vibes are held intact. Carnation aids in strength and healing. Eucalyptus is good for healing and spiritual cleansing. Baby's breath brings a calm and serene affect. 


This herbal cleansing wand includes the following: 

- 100% hemp twine 

- dried hemp stick

- dried carnation

- dried eucalyptus


Directions: Use a candle, match, or lighter to burn the wand until smoke begins to emit. Use the smoke the fill up your space, absorbing any negative energies and allowing purified energies to enter. Make sure to open your windows to allow the smoke the escape. This will also allow the negative energies to escape as well. 

Carnation, Eucalyptus, Baby's breath Hemp Herbal Wand

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