Our Moon Divinity Candle is a part of our newest collection--the Zen Garden Collection. It  was created with the intention to connect with the magical and intuitive energy of the Moon.  Ylang Ylang essential oil assists in the harmony between masucline & feminine, and allows for emotional healing. Lavender essential oil promotes calmness and serenity. The blend of these two essential oils creates an aroma that promotes a state of peace, as if you were in a Zen Garden. 


What is also special about this candle is our collaboration with local Guam artist, Veronica Cruz, to create the beautiful candle art design. Veronica uses Guam flora and nature as her inspiration. This candle truly is an art piece in itself. 


About this Candle: 
- Made with 100% Guam beeswax & coconut oil
- hand poured into a black tin jar (7 oz) with lid 

- Candle art design by Veronica Cruz 
- 100% pure Ylang Ylang & Lavender essential oil 
- 2 Cotton wicks
- Local garden-grown dried flowers

- crystal chips 


Please note:
Our items are handmade resulting in every item being unique & imperfectly perfect! There may be slight differences from the product photo, but we ensure you that we put lots of love in all our products. We hope you enjoy our craft!

(PRE-ORDER) Moon Divinity Candle- Zen Garden Collection