The past can bring about happy and cheerful memories as a kid--a time when things were simple and carefree. Certain smells and fragrances often provides a flashback, taking us back to that space. However, there's one scent that we can't deny as a kid-- the smell of dank flower! But who was smoking the herb? Our parents and their friends, of course!


Bring about your inner child with "The Nostalgic Candle." Remember all the good times, and move forward with love, acceptance, and bravery. 

So here is a description of our Nostalgic Candles: 
- 9 oz. Guam beeswax + Coconut oil Candle 
- Fragrance: (2 options: Hashish Bud + Blacktea OR Unscented) 
- One wooden wick 

- Thrifted Vintage Candle Vessel 


The Nostalgic Candle

  • Say this mantra while lighting "The Nostalgic Candle" 

    Inner Child Mantra: 
    You are safe and loved. 
    You are perfect just as you. 
    You are so interesting. 
    It's ok to feel what you are feeling. 
    Your emotions are welcome here. 
    I love everything about you. 
    Your emotions are valid. 
    You deserve to play, feel joy and happiness. 
    You deserve all the love in the world.